Daniel Rust

Owner of VidaMosaics & Tiling Ltd, based in a dedicated centre for art & mosaics in Murcia, Spain 

www.vidamosaics.com | info@vidamosaics.com | www.taracasa.com

Daniel Rust is an established mosaic glass artist with over 15 years’ experience, working on private/public commissions and teaching mosaics to people of different abilities. At the start of 2021, we launched a new initiative called ArtlovesAnimals to help small business artists and animal organisations.     

Artist Statement

I make mosaic art because I love the technical processes as much as the artistic beauty of glass mosaic installations. The other main inspiration is taking clients ideas and transforming them into workable pieces of durable art. My installations can be either permanent with cement or semi-permanent on hardwood. Both techniques have their advantages depending on the client’s needs.

The effect of using quality glass to bring light and reflection to a space is an advantage of this medium. However the clarity of the images or lettering is paramount and remains true to the more traditional style of Roman mosaic. The design can be simple but the materials, techniques of bordering & building layering can make the mosaic intricate and fulfilling.

I love mosaic, working with the materials, the ideas and the processes to create a long lasting piece of artwork for people to enjoy whether subtle, bold, complex or simple in its concept.

2019- Present

VidaMosaics & Tiling Ltd, a Public Limited Company, focusing on larger art commissions and commercial opportunities, art fairs and art courses/holidays. ArtLovesAnimals is an initiative to help independent animal artists and raise donations for animal organisations.    

2003 –2019

After continued employment in London & Northamptonshire for over 10 years in sales & marketing positions I decided art was still my passion and decided to pursue a new life & career in Spain. Back in 2003 the Spanish property market was booming and I started a full time mosaic business, working continuously on mosaic commissions for over 3 years. I completed 100´s of projects across the Murcia region of Spain including wall decorations, swimming pools and commercial signwriting, using different materials and overcoming different installation challenges.

After meeting my partner Vivienne in 2006 we started Tara Casa, a dedicated centre to art & mosaics. Building the business over many years I now have a large database of clients, high search engine ranking, social media and experience of running a small business.  

I now enjoy teaching mosaic art  as well continuing with the commission work. Mosaic making has the ability to allow non creative people the chance to make a beautiful piece of artwork and has a positive calming effect on the mind.


Studied Mosaics under Emma Biggs, London

Foundation in Art, Hertfordshire School of Art & Design

8 GCSE´S & 2 A levels – The Barclay School, Stevenage, Herts

Mosaic Collections

Private collections: Mazarron, Murcia, Spain

Private Collections: London, UK

Residencies 2006 – 2019, Tara Casa, Murcia, Spain