Price List Guide

The main costing for Mosaic Art is that every piece of glass is cut and laid by hand, meaning there is a lot of labour involved.

  • The size of the mosaic – As a general rule the cost of materials for a  50cm x 50cm mosaic would be approx. 60GBP
  • The style of the mosaic & complexity of the design has the most impact but as a rule VidaMosaics charges 35GBP per hour for labour. As an estimate a 50cm x 50cm mosaic with an individual design would take around 8 hours
  • The final location of the mosaic & fixing – The mosaics are either fixed permanently or sent mounted on wood via a courier.
  • If the mosaic is to be fitted permanently this requires installation by VidaMosaics and adds extra costs such as travel expenses, materials & labour costs as the mosaics require a suitable and stable base to be fixed to plus artistic adjustments.
  • Most of our mosaics are created on wood panels which can be placed like paving slabs or hung like a gallery picture. The mosaics are sent by certificated delivery and the costs for a 50cm x 50cm mosaic sent to the UK and mainland Europe is around 35pounds  

Payments including delivery costs

  1. 50% on agreement of the project & design before mosaic construction.
  2. 30% when the construction of your mosaic is nearing completion, before it is shipped.
  3. 20% when the mosaic has been delivered or installed and you are happy with the completed works.