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Materials & Tools to take part in the course

  • Wheel Nippers for cutting and shaping glass, these are available from hardware stores and online Mosaic suppliers, usually from 15pounds upwards
  • Oil filled scoring pen & Blue Ridge breakers, these are sold separately, the scoring pen is around 12 pounds and the ridge breakers are around 6.50 pounds. These are used if you are using glass sheets which require to be broken down.
  • Glass or Tiles, personally I use sheets of glass for my mosaics which I purchase from mosaic shops such as creativeglass UK and Hobby Island. You can still participate in the introductory course and use mosaic square tiles. You will require a mix of colours and at least twice as much white for the background.
  • Safety Glasses, always reccommended and available for just 3-4 pounds, however after 14 years of cutting glass I have never experienced the glass pinging up towards the eyes.

Finally you will also need some materials, wood glue for fixing the glass to the wood, available in all hardware stores, a piece of wood to work on, I use MDF for interior mosaics and a hardwood for exteriors. Once we have fixed the mosaic glass in place we will grout our mosaic with a medium tone grey grout, again available in hardware stores. A small sponge is useful to clean the grout and re wet/smooth the finish, If you are hanging your mosaic like a picture, some fixings will be required too.

  • Wood Glue & Application Brush
  • A piece of MDF with templates
  • Grey grout
  • Small sponge
  • Fixings for hanging
Become a Patron!

Otherwise sign up, sit back and enjoy watching the mosaic making process & ask questions from the comfort of your sofa.At the end of the course we will evaluate the artwork and think about moving onto a more challenging project.

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