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The best reasons to be a supporter of local artists and the Arts


The arts seem to be slowing dying off. It used to be far more common for the average person to attend an art gallery, orchestra performance, or the ballet. This is unfortunate, because the arts can add a tremendous amount of enrichment to our lives.


Consider the great benefits you’ll experience if you get involved with the arts:


  1. You’ll be exposed to new people. Artists and those that support them are often really interesting. You’ll be surprised at the wide variety of people you’ll come across. Some of these new folks just might become friends, bringing exciting variety into your life.
    • There’s a saying that you’ll be the same in 10 years from now, aside from the books that you read and the people you meet. Meet some new people!
  2. You’ll have new thoughts and perspectives. The art and people that you’re exposed to will change your mind about many things. You’ll consider things you’ve never even thought about before. 
  3. You’ll enrich your home. A home with artwork from al-Mart has a much different feel than a home with art from a local artist.


  • You can really explore and demonstrate your preferences when you’re exposed to different styles and can choose what you really prefer. 
  1. You’ll become more interesting. The more multi-layered you are, the more interesting you are to others. Plus, if you think about it, the most interesting people you know probably either travel a lot or spend time involved with the arts.


  • When others show more interest in you, you’ll become more confident and boost your self-esteem. It’s one of the few times you can make your life better while enjoying the process! 
  1. You’ll be more involved in your community. Local art galleries, theaters, musical productions, and other art-related activities are vital parts of any community. It’s another way you can get involved with others in your local area.


  • There is a great sense of camaraderie that exists within each artistic sphere.
    • There are frequent activities that always seem to be looking for more volunteers. You can also support local artists and productions with financial help. A little encouragement can go a long way. 
  1. You’ll make new connections. The more people you know the better. Many powerful people are interested in artistic endeavors.


  • You might meet the mayor or a local business person that could ultimately become a good friend.
  • As they say, “It’s all about who you know.” You never know who you’re going to meet when you become a patron of the arts.
  1. Your children will benefit. Most kids love some aspect of the arts. The average 10-year old isn’t interested in the opera, but he might love an art festival at the park.


  • Ask your child to point out an artistic creation they like and inquire as to why they like it. You might learn something.


The arts can enrich your life, if you’ll take the opportunity to expose yourself. The people you’ll meet and the things you’ll learn about yourself through the arts will change your life. Go online or grab the local paper and see what’s happening in your community. Most museums have one day a week with free admission. Take them up on the offer.

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